Selected Works

Artist Bio

Cuban-American Miami based street artist Alouishous San Gomma aka ASG is best known for his impressive urban murals depicting infinite fields of tired eyes, watching, reflecting & contemplating all that unfolds before them – past, present & future.

ASG’s expressive and occasionally hilarious cache of characters and symbols were inspired both by early street art and the creative digital worlds, avatars and characters he experienced while taking refuge from the streets in video games as a child.  As his own passion for drawing and painting grew, ASG fused his passion for street art with his love of creating characters into a distinctive visual vocabulary that has made him a legend in the blossoming Miami street art scene.

His trademark sleepy eyes have graced the famous Wynwood Walls in Miami’s art district and brought life to raw pockets of the city’s urban landscape.  In 2019, ASG collaborated with SWATCH to create a limited run of watches featuring his trademark sleepy eye, which sold out faster than any limited run in the entire history of the brand.