Selected Works

Artist Bio

Bursting with multiple painted layers of dramatic styling, comic book icons, and nostalgic typography, Giovanni Morales explores the genres of pop, pulp fiction, and romantic drama. Layer by layer, Morales builds vibrant psychological portraits. The polished exterior life, spray-painted onto the foreground, is a literal cartoon beauty. However, behind that semi-transparent veil, the background reveals a more substantial reality: inner turmoil is shown through old signs and text that you-can’t-quite-read piling on top of each other like thoughts rushing through a reeling brain.

For Giovanni, the art is in the hand-cutting technique of each stencil. His works contain many different stencils which require hours of cutting before the painting even begins.

Morales gravitates toward females as his subject matter. While intensely private about his personal life, he does reveal that he was raised by his mother and grandmother, and his upbringing instilled in him a deep respect for women.

Giovanni Morales currently lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada and exhibits locally and nationally.