212Gallery Aspen | Aug 25 to Sep 30 2016

212GALLERY is proud to present, VITREOUS AIR, an exciting new body of work by artist, Christopher Martin.
Martin’s paintings and photographs are sublime and contemplative explorations of color and composition that coax layers of imagery, light, reflection and pigment.  Martin’s recent photographs are reminiscent of his paintings only here the artist paints with light and uses the camera as a tool of abstraction.
Christopher Martin’s artwork takes an interpretive view of natural patterns. Through his paintings and photographs, he aims to create an organic development of form, depth and color working together to create a unique expression. The artist says, organic expressionism is the succinct way to describe his unique process.


Air 1 | 56 x 56 sm

Air 5 | 56 X 56 sm

Air 8 | 48 x 48 sm


Vitrious Air 2 | 48 x 60 sm

Vitrious Air 1 | 48 x 60 sm