Aspen, CO | Apr 24 to May 23 2015


212GALLERY is pleased to present ‘Echo,’ a group show that takes its title from the multiplicity exhibited by the artists on view. Udo Noger always divides his canvas planes on a central axis, utilizing recurring motifs and creating balanced compositions in monochromatic color schemes. Etsuko Ichikawa’s multi-paneled works are created using an action painting process that incorporates drawing with molten glass; her rhythmic process results in “a continuing investigation of what lies between the ephemeral and the eternal”, as stated by the artist. Charles Christopher Hill’s “Kuba” pieces repeat similar forms, derived from African textiles and tribal patterns, just as Michael Lipkin’s three images of the Central Synagogue in New York City employ the same content but in a variety of abstracted compositions. Lastly, Zoe Crosher’s series emphasizes a gradient exposure across repeated found images of her “Disappearing Nurse.”

German artist Udo Nöger’s passionate interest in the effects of diffused light led him to discover a new and unique way of painting. The artist renders light into a tangible material by layering his canvases within an artist-made box frame and applying oils to the surface, affording his compositions a beautiful translucence. As the layers of canvas trap daylight within the picture plane, the entire artwork is illuminated from within and radiates a serene luminescence back to the viewer.

Nöger has exhibited extensively worldwide and is included in numerous prestigious public collections such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Art Institute of Chicago, and Haus der Kunst in Munich, Germany. This summer his work will be the subject of a solo exhibition at the Kunsthalle Dresden, Germany.


Charles Christopher Hill is an American artist based in Los Angeles and his work is included in the collections of LACMA, MOCA, MoMA in New York and the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, France, among many others.


Etsuko Ichikawa is a Tokyo-born, Seattle-based artist who works in various mediums including glass, fiber, video and, most recently, sound installation.

Ichikawa describes her work as “a continuing investigation of what lies between the ephemeral and the eternal.” Her works on paper, termed Pyrographs and Aquagraphs, are drawings made using fire and water, capturing and eternalizing the immediacy of a moment. Her Pyrograph works are literally created by painting with fire, using molten glass to burn haunting abstract shapes and lines into heavy-grade paper that can withstand the heat of her medium. This unique process was discovered following her studies with acclaimed glass artist Dale Chihuly at the renowned Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle. Incorporating her knowledge of contemporary glass with her Japanese heritage, Ichikawa’s original pyrograph technique combines action painting with meditative calligraphy that is at once highly dangerous (due to the extreme heat of the molten glass), yet beautifully poetic. The act of drawing itself becomes a performance, a dance with the elements that has taken Ichikawa years to perfect.


Michael Lipkin is an Aspen-based architect, photographer, video artist, and sculptor. He received his undergraduate degree in sculpture from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Architecture degree from Yale. He has exhibited at the Kim Foster Gallery in New York and at the Aspen Institute, and has had two previous solo shows with 212GALLERY.

Zoe Crosher was born in 1975 in Santa Rosa, California and currently lives and works in Los Angles. She received a BA from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1997 and an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in 2001. In her Michelle duBois Project, Crosher has assembled a variety of touristic and posed images that play in the space between fantasy and documentary. The photographs are drawn from an obsessively assembled collection of self-portraits by Michelle duBois, who bequeathed Crosher her entire archive of personal effects. This series has been exhibited at MoMA, NY and is the subject of a series of publications produced by the Aperture Foundation in New York.