212GALLERY | Jun 09 to Jun 30 2011

212GALLERY is pleased to present new drawings by Mark Pomilio.

Inspired by the aesthetics and symmetry of nature, Pomilio’s charcoal drawings of hexagons, pentagons and octagons, layered and re-imagined, explore the relationship between nature and how mathematics can de-code and express nature’s magic through a rational methodology.

Like watching a cell divide and compound into a complex organism, Pomilio’s visual plane unfolds; multiplies, creating a visual harmony born through balance and symmetry. The effect is akin to the meditative qualities of a reflective pool, or a religious icon.

Musing on the Fibonnaci spiral patterns found in the branching in trees, or the arrangement of leaves on a stem; the flowering of an artichoke, the arrangement of a pine cone, Pomilio celebrates this fascination with the shapes traditionally associated with the sciences.

“In geometry, I found a system by which I was able to unify all of my concerns, be they the intrinsic qualities of past masterpieces or the recurring and poetically beautiful systems found in nature,” Pomilio says.