Aspen, CO | Mar 21 to Apr 11 2015

212GALLERY is pleased to present Sublime Spaces, an exhibition of new and recent photography by acclaimed architect and multi-media artist Michael Lipkin.

As the artist states, “Architecture exists to accommodate and even elevate the human experience. I attempt to capture the extended moment of the interaction between architectural space and human experience – where the subject and the object collide and architecture is transformed into a sustained subjective experience for the viewer.”

Synagogues, churches, temples, shrines and other spiritual structures have offered enduring inspiration for humanity throughout the course of civilization. In communist countries, governmental offices replace religious houses as the pinnacle of architectural achievement. With Sublime Spaces, Lipkin turns his lens to a variety of these architectural monuments, which in turn represent the highest aspirations of our collective earthly agenda.

Lipkin writes that, “This work explores the transformative power of iconic architectural space and the sensory perception of being there. These photographs re-create the visceral, subjective experience of being within a great space, empowered by its architecture and history. Form and mass is deconstructed into light, time and movement in pursuit of its structure and purpose, its genius loci, its sense of place and possibility.”

Michael Lipkin was born in Pennsylvania in 1950. He received his BA in Architecture and Sculpture from the University of Pennsylvania and his Master of Architecture degree from Yale University. His work has been exhibited at the Aspen Institute, at Kim Foster Gallery in New York City and at 212GALLERY in Aspen. He currently lives and works in Aspen.