212GALLERY | Jun 26 to Sep 15 2013

Artist reception: 28 June | 6-9pm

212GALLERY is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Russell James, whose images of the world’s most beautiful women have graced countless magazine covers and made him one of the fashion industry’s most sought-after photographers. The works on view are culled from various shoots, commercial assignments in exotic locations – Grenada, Tulum, Turks & Caicos, Saint Tropez, Virgin Gorda and Sardinia among them– during which James stole moments with his subjects to capture their beauty in isolation, resulting in images as poetic in their intimacy as they are powerful in their seduction.

These works depict contemporary culture’s most iconic beauties: literal embodiments of our society’s current physical ideal. From classical nudes and portraits to back-stage candids, James’ photographs recall the elegance of Irving Penn and the strength of Helmut Newton, but with an air of playfulness that is very much his own. Although Socrates described beauty as a “short-lived tyranny,” James’ pictures eternalize the beauty specific to our time, a reflection of our own desires, dreams and joy.