Aspen, Co | Nov 07 to Jan 10 2015

Luminor-1-30_65x65_165x165cm_2014_croppedIR-47-2_53x53_135x135cm_2014_cropped Luminor-1-4_72x58_183x147cm_2014_cropped IR-38-5_78x78_198x198_2013_cropped Luminor-1-27_34x34_86x86cm_2014_croppedIR-47-12_65x53_165x153_2014_cropped IR-M-6-1_16,25x17_41x43cm_2013_cropped IR-M-7-1_18,5x17,5_wFRM_47x44,5cm_2013_cropped IR-M-8-1_20x20_wFRM_51x51cm_2013_cropped IR-M-9-1_20,5x20,5_wFRM_52x52cm_2013_cropped











212GALLERY is pleased to introduce New York-based Stanley Casselman to the Aspen art community. Casselman’s dramatic paintings are celebrations of abstraction, in which layers upon layers of vivid colors are applied across the canvas plane in striking juxtapositions. These paintings’ complex surface textures allow the interplay of color to dominate the picture-plane, with each composition a perfect balance of “controlled chaos,” as the artist says.

Stanley Casselman was born in 1963 in Arizona and currently lives in New York City. His work has been extensively exhibited both domestically and abroad, including shows in London, Vienna, Basel, Seoul and Hong Kong.