Aspen, Co | Sep 15 to Oct 15 2014

212GALLERY is pleased to present an exhibition featuring female abstract artists, including Liat Yossifor, Karen Gunderson, Zaria Forman and Etsuko Ichikawa.

Liat Yossifor’s monochromatic paintings are exercises in contemporary action painting. Beginning with bright pigments, Yossifor adds to her canvases continually over the course of 3 days, ultimately arriving at her signature shade- a light, almost weightless gray- with notes of the original colors revealed through Yossifor’s gestural brushstrokes. Yossifor was born in Israel and currently works in Los Angeles.

Similar to Yossifor, Etsuko Ichikawa’s process is based in action-painting; however instead of paint, Ichikawa’s medium is molten glass: she literally paints with fire. Born in Japan, Ichikawa now lives in Seattle, where she trained with acclaimed glass artist Dale Chihuly. While working in the glass studio, or “hot shop,” Ichikawa realized she could paint with the marks created by molten glass by using a “pontil” to trace the glass across heavy-grade paper laid down on the floor. The resulting works create free-association abstractions: smoky shapes and lines intersect in ambiguous compositions that nonetheless recall forms found in nature, human anatomy and the cosmos.

Karen Gunderson and Zaria Forman both create abstract representations of the natural landscape, but in varying mediums. Gunderson’s all black paintings utilize light refraction to create movement across the canvas. By doing so, she is able to paint in an almost three-dimensional form, despite her surfaces remaining completely flat. As viewers traverse the canvas, the composition moves with them with light reflecting off Gunderson’s impeccable brushstrokes.